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Whether you’re a gym junkie or a workaholic that needs some protein packed fuel, Grass Fed 100% Whey by Muscle Tech has got you covered. With 20 grams of clean protein, this blend is perfect for anyone health conscious. Growth hormone free, with zero artificial colours or flavours, this blend is designed to fuel your body, build muscle and support recovery in between training sessions. The smooth formula can be perfectly blended into your favourite smoothies or enjoyed as a protein shake on its own...clump free! 

With ZERO sugars and 4.3 grams of naturally occurring BCAA’s, this blend has everything you need to nourish your body. Whether your goal is to build muscle, maintain muscle or simply increase your protein intake, Grass Fed 100% Whey By Muscle Tech is the perfect option. 

When you take Grass Fed 100% Whey By Muscle Tech you will: 
  •  Support muscle growth 
  •  Assist in muscle recovery 
  •  Fuel your gains with clean 100% protein 
  •  Promote sustained and long-lasting energy 

Don’t wait any longer to get your hands on one of the freshest whey protein supplements on the market! Grass Fed 100% Whey By Muscle Tech will fuel your gains the way nature intended.  

In each serving of Grass Fed 100% Whey By Muscle Tech you receive: 
  •  140 calories 
  •  20 grams of protein 
  •  150mg of calcium 
  •  1.2mg of iron 
  •  150mg of sodium 
  •  230mg of potassium 
  •  2.5 grams total fat 
  •  2 grams total sugar 
  •  9 grams of carbohydrates 
  •  60mg of cholesterol 

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