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It’s Time to get Juicy with the new NoWay flavours, NoWay Juicy Collagen Protein. Feeding your body collagen can help TRAIN, BUILD, and RECOVER and go time and time again. Hydrolysed collagen peptides found in the ATP Science NoWay Juicy Collagen Protein focus on the components that may provide our physical actions with the strength they require day in and day out! Benefits of using Collagen: Can support and Promotes Muscle Mass May support and Promotes Muscle Strength Could support and Promotes Lean Body Mass Can stimulate and Boosts Collagen Production DIRECTIONS OF USE: Take 18g of NoWay Juicy Collagen in 250ml of cold water as a daily protein supplement. After exercise, consume 18g of NoWay Juicy Collagen to increase muscle mass and growth. 18g of NoWay Juicy Collagen consumed throughout the day when you are hungry may stop you eating something naughty as it increases fullness and may reduce excessive calories at the next meal.  

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