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Cardiovascular Support Supplement | Axe & Sledge Betaine

If you're looking for some extreme Cardiovascular support, Axe & Sledge has got your Back... & Heart!! Axe & Sledge Betaine is 100% all natural & Certified Organic. Betaine will help to increase strength & power over time, & increases lean Muscle gains in the Body. Axe & Sledge Betaine is formulated with a whopping 2,500mg of Betaine per serving & contains absolutely no Fillers, Dyes, or Colors. Axe & Sledge's formula will help to decrease overall Body-Fat percentages & will help to better your performance over time. Betaine will provide extreme Cardiovascular support & will help to increase power output for athletic activity. On top of all of that, Axe & Sledge Betaine is easy for on-the-go & may also help to reduce Heartburn & Acid Re-Flux. Step up your workout game today. Pic up a tub!! Introducing Axe & Sledge Betaine!!

Axe & Sledge Betaine Benefits

  • 100% All Natural & Certified Organic Formula Option
  • Fully Transparent & Generously Dosed Ingredients Label
  • Non-GMO & Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly Supplement
  • Helps To Increase Strength & Power Over Time
  • Increases Lean Muscle Gains In The Body
  • Easy For On-The-Go Tub Powder Formula Option
  • May Help To Reduce Heartburn & Acid Re-Flux Post-Workout
  • Improves Recovery Times & Relieves Muscle Soreness
  • Formulated With A Whopping 2,500 Milligrams Of Betaine Per Serving
  • Contains Absolutely No Fillers, Artificial Dyes, Or Colors
  • Helps To Increase Power Output For Athletic Activity 
  • Decreases Body-Fat Percentages & Betters Performance 

How Do I Take Axe & Sledge Betaine?

Axe & Sledge recommends mixing one (1) Scoop with 6-8 Ounces of Water or your favorite Beverage. It's best if taken prior to workout. Do not exceed one (1) Scoop per day.

Axe & Sledge Betaine Ingredients

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