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BSN Syntha 6 helps you build lean muscle mass and provides your body with extra energy to give extreme strength and power to your muscles. It also works to enhance protein synthesis and aids in muscle recovery which will help reduce fatigue during an intense workout.


BSN Syntha 6 is known for its ‘time-release’ protein powder because it provides six different types of protein that are each digested at differing rates. One of the major benefits of Syntha 6 over single protein formulas is that it helps sustain your blood amino acid levels for longer. Syntha 6 provides a full spectrum of amino acids and combines fast, medium, and slow digesting proteins to get you powered up before your workout, keep you there and help you to recover. This is an ultra-premium protein blend with a whopping 22g in every serve. The digestive enzymes mean it’s super easy to digest , and the added Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) fuel all your muscle recovery needs.


BSN Syntha 6 provides a delicious range of protein drinks that maximize your lean muscle development that won’t leave you feeling bloated like some other protein supplements, so you can take it several times throughout the day.


Syntha 6 is fortified with BCAAs, for a nitrogen balance, Glutamine Peptidesto, to help with your recovery and boost your immune system and MCTs, to give you fast energy and a healthy serve of fibre. BSN Syntha 6 is a nutritionally complete meal replacement that you can take day or night. It gives you heart-healthy fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals and has the added digestive enzymes for enhanced digestion, protein utilization and good intestinal health.


Mix one scoop with 250mL of water one to four times a day depending on your kilojoule and protein needs. It’s best to make sure you have a well-rounded diet and alternate between solid and liquid meals throughout the day. Syntha 6 can be used as both a pre- and post-workout and is ideal for supplementing your existing protein intake between meals, particularly if you struggle to get enough protein from your regular diet.


BSN Syntha 6 has been described as ‘ridiculously delicious’ and we agree! Try some of the great range of flavours such as cookies and cream, chocolate cake batter and strawberry milkshake that are all amazingly rich and creamy even when mixed with water.


Key features:

  • Increases muscle growth and endurance

  • Improves muscle recovery

  • Assists with weight maintenance

  • Lean muscle gain

  • Source of extra protein and nutrition

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