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Digezyme Digestive Enzyme By Athletic Sport

Digestive Enzymes are an essential inclusion to everyone’s diet providing everything your body requires to breakdown foods and maximise nutritional intake where it’s needed most.

A number of different fats, carbs and protein types require an improved breakdown function for better absorption, to optimise digestive function and to improve overall gut comfort.

A substantial energy increase derives from feeling less sluggish and bloated, eliminating that feeling of fullness and fatigue from your body.

Digezyme Digestive Enzyme by Athletic Sport also works with your digestive function and exercise regime offering as a unique immune system reinforcement, keeping it fighting-fit to destroy bad gut bacteria.

Let’s look at the core, proactive ingredients and the effects they have on your system:

  •        Amylase Digestive Enzyme – Helps convert complex carbs and starches into simple, more resourceful easy-to-digest energy.
  •        Protease Digestive Enzyme – Breaks down proteins into useful ammino acids.
  •        Lipase – Improves the digestion processes of fats into useable and storable fatty acids.
  •        Lactase – Critical ingredient required to turn lactose into either glucose or galactose for a more comfortable digestion experience.

Digezyme Digestive Enzyme is an unflavoured encapsulated supplement for convenient daily consumption.

Get regular and load up on goodness for your gut with this premium digestive aid by Athletic Sport. Order yours today!

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