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Finaflex Incinr8 is a pre-workout with fat burning at its forefront. Sharing similar stimulants that you would see in a pre-workout as well as nootropic ingredients specific to laser-like focus. Added in fat "incinr8ing" ingredients such as l-carnitine and green tea extract this pre is great for anyone looking to aid in their performance while allowing their body to use body fat as its primary source of energy.

Finaflex Incinr8 Flavours

Incinr8 comes in an amazing array of flavours including Krankin Kiwi, Lit Lemon-Lime, Meltin' Mango & Pyro Pineapple. They are the best flavours one could possibly want. Delicious, easy to mix and a joy to drink.

Finaflex Incinr8 Review

Finaflex Incinr8 overall is an excellent pre-workout supplement that is also great as a nootropic cognitive enhancer or fat-burner. It's multi-purpose formula makes it ideal for any of these uses plus it tastes great. It is moderately strong without being OTT with caffeine (200mg). As such Incinr8 may be ideal for women and men alike.

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