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If you’re looking to shred while supporting your body, Metabolyz by Primabolics is going to be your new go-to fat burning supplement. Made using all the thermogenic and nootropic ingredients you know and love, you’ll be supporting your body composition goals when you add Metabolyz to your stack. Primabolics have included a mild 120mg of caffeine so you won’t suffer from jitters or a crash but can enjoy long-lasting energy from the blend of 5 natural energising herbs too!

Metabolyz is not your typical thermogenic formula loaded with high strength stimulants. Primabolics have delivered a unique blend that works as a 3 in 1 to support your adrenals, stimulate thyroid function and as a thermogenic to elevate your mood and energy. By including a blend of herbs, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, Metabolyz is a fantastic all-rounder that supports your body composition goals without compromising your health.

Each ingredient has been included at clinical dosages, so you know that the team at Primabolics are committed to providing only the best formulations to improve efficacy and support your body.

Why should you use Metabolyz by Primabolics?

  • Potent thermogenic formula
  • Low stimulant
  • Gut friendly prebiotic fibre and polyphenols
  • Adaptogenic herbs to support mood and wellbeing
  • Support metabolic pathways
  • Improve energy production

What’s in Metabolyz by Primabolics?

  • 500mg Chromium
  • 35mg Selenium
  • 300mg KSM-66 Ashwagandha
  • 120mg Caffeine
  • 25mg Theacrine
  • Metabolic Enhancement Blend

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